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A Modern Day Love Story - Tithe Barn 25 May 2014

With over a hundred weddings to cater for this year we are gearing up for a very busy wedding season here at Vanilla, but this summer is a very special day for one couple and I thought I would share their story with you. Let me tell you a modern day love story, a fairy tale that will become reality at the Tithe Barn on 25 May this year

Emma Williams first came to Vanilla over 6 years ago, she was a local girl studying event management at Cardiff Uinversity and wanted some part time work. Emma worked for us part time in her holidays and on completion of her degree came on board full time.

As outside caterers Vanilla works in many different venues all over southern England. One of our favourite venues is the Tithe Barn near Petersfield, not only is this spectacular in its own right but the team that run it are a pleasure to work with. Vanilla always look forward to running an event or wedding here.

When Emma first went to the  barn she immediately feel in love with it, I caught her and one of the waitresses pretending to walk down the aisle. When I asked what they were doing she replied, “one day I will get married here”  We laughed about this and I pointed out she did need to get herself a partner first…….

The years passed and Emma did indeed find herself a partner, they moved in together set up home and all seemed hunky dory.

Let's fast forward to summer 2010, Vanilla was expanding, we had moved premises into a new state of the art modern kitchen and we were looking to increase our team of professional chefs.

And so enter Mr Daniel Bolla, from Melbourne Australia. Dan was a fully qualified young chef wanting work for the summer. With his relaxed can do attitude, amazing culinary skills and passion for local produce he soon became a valuable member of our team. We had a busy summer, we all worked long unsociable hours and we all spent a lot of time together. Dan kept hinting to me that he thought Emma was wonderful, my reply, no chance . To which he replied Sal, that girls mine........we laughed and I told him to concentrate on his job not his colleagues.

The summer passed the workload increased, the rain came and Dan along with the rest of the team catered in marquees, barns, muddy fields embracing the English weather with a smile wondering why he was here. We all knew why, and at the end of the summer Dan did indeed get his girl. After a few tears, Emma moved into Dans bedsit, leaving her lovely little house complete with Cath Kidson place mats we had bought her as a moving in present and her life changed dramatically.

The end of a busy summer beckoned and Dan’s visa was running out.  The inevitable happened they both resigned deciding leaving Vanilla, travel the world and settle in Australia  .

A few weeks before they were due to leave Emma's father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. All plans were thrown in the air as there was no way Emma would leave with her father ill of course she stayed. Dan however didn't have this option as his visa was about to expire. They talked off marriage so he could stay but decided they loved each other too much to take the easy way out, they wanted to get married properly and not rushed.  So Dan had to return to Australia, Emma stayed to be with her father and family and so began a long distance love story.

Emma's father sadly passed away but Emma, the lovely lady she is, would not leave her mum until she should felt the time was righ.t Eventually over a year later, Emma flew out to be with Dan in Australia. Now of course the boot was on the other foot and Emma had to secure residency, again they were still insisting on no marriage as that was to be a special day. So began lots of form filling, references and red tape.Emma finally received her residency last year and is now free to live and work in Australia, lucky thing.

And so the fairy tale is nearly complete, Emma will walk down the aisle at the Tithe Barn on 25 May not with a Vanilla waitress but with Dan. Family friends and the Vanilla team will be there to celebrate with them on this very special day, the fairy tale has indeed come true.

Emma's father sadly won't be there but I am sure he will be looking down, proud of his daughters determination to get her Prince Charming and the day of her dreams.


More soon

Sally P and the team

Friday 21st March 2014

A Modern Day Love Story - Tithe Barn 25 May 2014 Image