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Jazz Bands, Yorkshire Puddings and Submarines !

Two weddings and a private dinner kept Vanilla busy this weekend

Congratulations to Sam and Chris, and Bill and Anna who tied the knot yesterday.

 Sam and Chris

Once again we were at the beautiful Tithe Barn in Ditcham with Sam and Chris. We had to adopt indoor weather mode as it was a grey day outside but this did not detract from a fabulous day of fun and fine food. A Jazz band entertained us during the drinks and canape reception. Sam and Chris had chosen a delicious starter of chilli and  prawn tartlets. The main was a real meat eaters paradise with roast rib of beef carved at each by one of their guests. Chefs hats and aprons were supplied to get the guests into the mood. Yorkshire puddings, crushed new potatoes and seasonal veg accompanied the main meal. The vegetarians were not left out with a beef tomato stuffed with a delicious courgette risotto.

 As an aside did you know ?

 A Yorkshire pudding isn't a Yorkshire pudding if it is less than four inches tall, says the Royal Society of Chemistry"; true Yorkshire people would disagree (me included as a born and bred Yorkshire lass !) the modern trend has been to aim for Puddings of almost Souffle proportions - but back in 1737 they had ranges and not the combi ovens that we all use today

It is often claimed that the purpose of the dish was to provide a cheap way to fill the diners - the Yorkshire pudding being much cheaper than the other constituents of the meal - thus stretching a lesser amount of the more expensive ingredients as the Yorkshire pudding was traditionally served first.

At home in Yorkshire where I was brought up we always have huge Yorkshire puddings with lashing of gravy to start the Sunday meal. I am afraid nothing beats my Mums Yorkshires but the Vanilla chefs do come a close second !

To finish up Sam and Chris had chosen our dark chocolate mousse with and orange and almond topping. The cupcakes were supplied by Sarah Louise, a band played in the evening and lamb &apricot, beef & chilli and traditional pork sausages were brought out at the end of the evening to starve off any hunger pangs   !

 Bill and Anna

Bill and Anna were married at Winlsowe House, West End Southampton, this is wonderful house with great country views. A marquee was attached to the side of the house to accommodate all the guests and they had a very informal buffet. The advantage of having one of our informal buffets is you can have a little bit of everything!

The submarine museum was the venue for a private corporate dinner where the main course was wonderful rack of lamb with a chilli mint sauce.

This week we cater for the marriages of Louise and Georgios, Sharyn and Mark, Samantha and Luke, and Lizzie and Paul, so a busy week ahead. Come back next week to have an update on all the news.

Don’t forget that for every wedding we cater for we donate 20p per head to our nominated charity Frank Water. So the more guests you invite to your wedding the more money we donate !

 Sally and the team




Sunday 9th May 2010

Jazz Bands, Yorkshire Puddings and Submarines ! Image