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Triple Whammy at the Tithe Barn,

We have had an extremely busy week this week with five (yes thats right five !) happy couples using Vanilla as their caterers.  It was a triple whammy at the Tithe Barn where we catered for three weddings in a row . Thursday for Lyndsey & Tim, Friday, Suzannah & Andy and Saturday Rachel & Andy.

 As an aside did you know ?

A tithe barn was a type of barn used in much of northern Europe in the Middle Ages for storing the tithes - a tenth of the farm's produce which had to be given to the church.

Tithe barns would usually have been barns often associated with the village church or rectory, to which independent farmers took their tithes.

The three weddings at the Tithe could not have been more different. We had everything from a roast rib of beef to salmon with a pecorino crust to a hog Roast and desserts included Raspberry Roulade, Apple Tart Tatin and a Seasonal Eton Mess Vanilla Style (you can see a picture of our delicious dish  on the front page of the Hampshire food festival magazine).

The weather was wonderful and for each wedding freshly prepared canapes were served on the  lawn.

In the evening our new Vanilla bar proved popular. Toffee Vodka was the order of the day, those of you who are keen skiers/snowboarders will have tasted this before in colder climates.

 As an aside did you know ?

The extra ingredients for flavoured vodkas are added to the vodka and it is left in a sealed container for a period of time to steep. This period can range from hours to months depending on the ingredients. After this period, any solid additives are removed from the vodka and the infusion is then filtered to remove smaller particles. After this, the vodka infusion can be left to age for a period of time to allow flavors to mature.

The art of creating a vodka infusion is knowing how long to leave the ingredients to steep. The different flavors will be infused into the alcohol at different rates and so it is important to know how long it will take for the right flavors to be infused and how long it will take before bad flavors begin to develop.

On Saturday we were also at Eastleigh where Sam & Mark tied the knot and Rookesby Park School with  Matt & Karyn did  the same. Five different couples with  five bespoke menus.

This week once again we are at the Tithe barn for Jenny and Tom who are having a very bespoke dessert (more in my blog next week), we are also at Winslowe with Christine and Andrew.

Make sure you pick up  a copy of Junes Hampshire Society magazine, there is a two page spread about our wonderful canapés with some  great  photographs. 

Don’t forget that for every wedding we cater for, we donate 20p per head to our nominated charity Frank Water (  So the more guests you invite to your wedding the more money we donate.

Feel free to contact me or one of the team if you want any advice on your wedding or party requirements.


Sally and the team




Sunday 6th June 2010

Triple Whammy at the Tithe Barn,  Image