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Lobster, Deer and entertainers galore !

Not only was it Cowes week last week but we had 6 weddings and a large party to cater for .

Whilst the spinnakers were flying across the solent the Vanilla team were busy creating various delights for our diverse mix of customers.

Cowes week is always a biggie for Vanilla and the lack of a corporate sponsorship for this famous event did nothing to dampen the spirits this year. Once again the anonymous donor paid for the fireworks display on Friday evening and we cooked up a feast for 224 people who were lucky enough to be on the boat we catered for to view the pyrotechnics.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the vanilla team were busy preparing for our 6 weddings !

Erica and Mike held their reception in a marquee in the new forest, Leanne and Brett were at Southsea castle,  Kelly and Dudley choose the amazing gardens at Houghton Lodge, Christabel and Jamie were at the very quirky Horsebridge Road station, Mark and Nikki and Sarah and Mark were at the amazing Tithe barn in Petersfield, a truly spectacular barn.

If you need any information on any of these great venues we work at please do not hesitate to contact me.

Over 2500 canapes were freshly prepared this weekend along with 214 chicken breasts, 90 fillets of beef, 50 rums of lamb, 6 whole ribs of beef and one whole hog. We whipped up 103 Tart Tatins, 106, raspberry roulades, 90 Eton Mess stacks, 192 of our house special mousse and 24 lobster hit the pan !!

As an aside did you know ?

Lobsters are found in all oceans. They live on rocky, sandy, or muddy bottoms from the shoreline to beyond the edge of the continental shelf. They generally live singly in crevices or in burrows under rocks.

They are invertebrates, with a hard protective exoskeleton. Like most arthropods, lobsters must molt in order to grow, which leaves them vulnerable. During the molting process, several species change color. Lobsters have 10 walking legs; the front two adapted to claws.

As arthropods, lobsters have not developed the nervous system of cephalopod mollusks, nor do they have the advantages of good eyesight. They do, however, exhibit three remarkable evolutionary advances that have led to their great success. Their exoskeleton is a strong, lightweight, form-fitted external covering and support. They possess striated muscle: quick, strong, and lightweight, it enables rapid movement. Finally, articulated appendages allow their limbs to bend at specific points.

Lobsters are omnivores, and typically eat live prey such as fish, mollusks, other crustaceans, worms, and some plant life. They scavenge if necessary, and may resort to cannibalism in captivity; however, this has not been observed in the wild. Although lobster skin has been found in lobster stomachs, this is because lobsters eat their shed skin after molting

Kelly and Dudley held their wedding reception at Houghton lodge in Emsworth. The grounds of the spectacular house are wonderful and as we were laying the reception tables we saw deer grazing on the lawns. I have worked in many venues including the Natural History Museum and the London Aquaruium but nothing beats seeing wild animals in their natural environment as you are preparing for somebodies big day

Kelly and Dudley had a strawberry theme to their day commencing with chocolate dipped strawberries, white, dark and milk, a strawberry sorbet was served as a palate cleanser between courses and the raspberry roulade was served with Hampshire strawberries and  a strawberry coulis. Our mobile bar was hired for  the evening and the strawberry sambuca proved to be a very popular shot !

Mark and Sarah were at the Tithe barn and what a great day it was yesterday. The sun shone and the various entertainers kept everyone happy. A steel band welcomed the guests onto the lawn, a string quartet played throughout the ceremony, a magician entertained the children and a 16 piece band and a Dj were the evenings entertainment. The food was a triumph, three choices for each course !

So another week over, this week we see Nicky and Darren, tie the knot at Bradgate manor, Danny and Adele at the Tithe, Sarah and Adam also at the Tithe, James and Victoria at Hill place and Vikki and Roland in Upham.

Don’t forget that for every wedding we cater for, we donate 20p per head to our nominated charity Frank Water (  So the more guests you invite to your wedding the more money we donate. Every Pound raised for Frank Water Projects gives one person access to clean water for life, by the end of the summer this should equate to a lot of people but I will keep you informed on a monthly basis.

Have a great week and pop back next week to see what’s happening

Sally and the team



Monday 9th August 2010

Lobster, Deer and entertainers galore !  Image