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Complimentary Mulled Wine or Glogg ?

Th Clocks have gone back summer is now officially over so now is the time to sort out your Xmas party.

Here at Vanilla we work in many great venues around the area and there are still some dates when we are available. Great winter venues include the Explosion Museum in Gosport, the Tithe Barn near Petersfield and of course your own homes. We are happy to cater for you in your own home, we will bring our professional chefs and waiting staff so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

We offer free mulled wine to parties of 40 or over to get you into the festive spirit.

 As an Aside Did you know ?

Mulled wine, variations of which are popular around the world, is  wine, usually red, combined with spices and typically served warm. Nowadays, it is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Christmas and Halloween.

Glühwein is popular in German-speaking countries and the region of Alsace in France. It is the traditional beverage offered and drunk onWeihnachtsmärkten. It is usually prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar.Fruit wines such as blueberry wine and cherry wine are rarely used instead of grape wine in Germany. Glühwein is drunk pure or "mit Schuss", which means there is rum or liqueur added. The French name is vin chaud (hot wine), I have had many a Vin Chaud whilst skiing in the French alps

A very similar type of mulled wine is popular in the Czech Republic, particularly the mountains such as the Giant Mountains. It is calledsvařené víno ("boiled wine").

In Poland grzane wino ("heated wine") is very similar to the Czech variant, especially in the southern regions. There is also a similar method for preparing mulled beer or "Gluhbier" which is popular with Belgian beers because of the sweet flavor of that particular type of beer, which uses the same spices as mulled wine and is heated.

In Romania it is called vin fiert ("boiled wine"), and can be made using either red or white wine, sometimes adding peppercorn.

In Moldova the izvar is made from red wine with black pepper and honey.

In Italy, mulled wine is typical in the northern part of the country and is called vin brulé.

In Latvia it is called karstvīns ("hot wine"). When out of wine, it is prepared using grape (or currant) juice and Riga Black Balsam.

Glögg is the term for mulled wine in the Nordic countries 

So there you have it, whatever you want to call it we will provide it for you free of charge if you book your Xams party with us and you have over 40 guests.

This week we had the privilege of catering at Winchester Guildhall for a corporate client. It was the first time we have used their new kitchens and what a treat it was. No expense has been spared in the renovation .We catered for 124 so we gave the equipment a good testing.

We were also at the Tithe barn two days in a row for Mark and Sarah and Gemma and Nick. Two very different menus on consecutive days. All our weddings are bespoke, you can have anything you desire whether it be a five course sit down or an afternoon tea.

This week we are at Farbridge to see Jen and Paul tie knot , Farbridge is a great venue and it even has rooms so not far to amble after your wedding breakfast!

Don’t forget that for every wedding or three course corporate event we cater for, we donate 20p per head to our nominated charity Frank Water (www.frankwater.com) So the more guests you invite to your wedding the more money we donate. Every Pound raised for Frank Water Projects gives one person access to clean water for life, by the end of the year this should equate to a lot of people.


Have a good week

Sally and the team



Sunday 7th November 2010

Complimentary Mulled Wine or Glogg ? Image