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The Royal Wedding and Bronze Turkey's !

The Royal Wedding has been announced and we eagerly await news of who the caterers will be, unfortunately we are very busy next year so if we get the call we may not be available………….

Last week we catered for Jen and Paul's Big Day at Farbridge which is near Chichester ( This is a great barn and not only is it a wonderful venue but they have 10 rooms so some of your wedding guests can stay the night without having to worry about transport. Even though it rained spirits were high, Paul and Jen feasted on a pancetta tartlet followed by Rump of lamb and Chilli  Mint  sauce.

On Sunday I was invited along to Uptons of Bassett Turkey open day ( This year Uptons have teamed up with Edd Godwin, a local producer , and they have their very own free range bronze turkeys. We went along to the farm to look at these magnificent beasts. They are farmed on a small scale near Romsey, Tthey feed on local grasses in large open fields and are matured to three times the age of intensively produced birds making them some of the best turkeys available.

As an aside did you know ?

The domestic turkey is a descendant of the Wild Turkey and features prominently in the menu of the U.S. and Canadian holidays of Thanksgiving and that of Christmas in many countries.

Turkeys have a distinctive fleshy wattle that hangs from the underside of the beak, and a fleshy protuberance that hangs from the top of its beak called a snood. With wingspans of 1.5–1.8 metres turkeys are by far the largest birds in the open forests in which they live. As with many galliform species, the female (hen) is smaller and is much less colorful than the male (tom or gobbler).

While large domesticated turkeys are generally unable to fly, smaller, lighter domesticated turkeys known as heritage turkeys and wild turkeys can fly. In domesticated turkeys the ability to fly depends directly on weight, while even heavy adult wild turkeys can fly well enough to avoid predators by taking off and flying up to 100 yards (91 m) and perching in tree branches. Turkey poults (chicks) cannot fly for the first two weeks after hatching.

Talking of  turkeys there is still time to book your Christmas meal with us and you don’t have to have Turkey, all our  menus  at Vanilla are bespoke and we can create an exciting menu just for you.

This week we are at Rotherwick to see Clare and Tom tie the knot, they have picked a wonderful menu as well as seasonal drinks such as mulled wine and hot Cinnamon apple juice and I will report back with more details next week.

Don’t forget that for every wedding or three course corporate event we cater for, we donate 20p per head to our nominated charity Frank Water ( So the more guests you invite to your wedding the more money we donate. Every Pound raised for Frank Water Projects gives one person access to clean water for life, by the end of the year  this should equate to a lot of people.


Have a good week

Sally and the team



Wednesday 17th November 2010

The Royal Wedding and Bronze Turkey's ! Image