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Haunted Wedding Venues and Betty's Yorkshire puds !

January has passed us by and the wedding season is starting earlier and earlier. This week we have our first wedding of 2011. Bronwen and Will will be tying the knot at the Explosion museum in Gosport. The museum really is a quirky venue in which to hold your wedding, they have a civil  liscence so you can also get married there, mind you there are rumours that the venue is haunted !

The museum holds ghost tours which involves a twilight-guided walk through the historic buildings.It is Led by Victorian coroner,( !), possibly a ghost ??? Edgar Goble, discover the fate of former workers as you tour area’s of the site not usually open to the public.

Hopefully we will not have any ghost gate cashers at the wedding especially any with dietary requirements as this would definitely freak out our chefs !(www.explosion.org.uk)

One of our favourites venues  the Tithe barn in Ditcham ( www.tithe-barn.co.uk_) held their open day on Saturday. We met with lots of potential bride and  grooms. If you missed this do not worry if you want  a quote for your happy day,please feel free to drop me a line or e mail and we will get one organised.

February is the month of love with Valentines day falling on the 14th but I am most excited about the fact that February 7th has been designated British Yorkshire Pudding day !

As an aside did you know ?

Yorkshire pudding, also known as 'pockets', is a dish that originated in Yorkshire, England. It is made from batter and usually served with roast beef and gravy.

A Yorkshire pudding isn't a Yorkshire pudding if it is less than four inches tall, says the Royal Society of Chemistry"; true Yorkshire people would disagree - the modern trend has been to aim for Puddings of almost Souffle proportions - but back in 1737 they had ranges and not modern fan assisted ovens of today.

The Yorkshire pudding is a staple of the British Sunday lunch and in some cases is eaten as a separate course prior to the main meat dish. This was the traditional method of eating the pudding and is still common in parts of Yorkshire today. Because the rich gravy from the roast meat drippings was used up with the first course, the main meat and vegetable course was often served with a parsley or white sauce.

It is often claimed that the purpose of the dish was to provide a cheap way to fill the diners - the Yorkshire pudding being much cheaper than the other constituents of the meal - thus stretching a lesser amount of the more expensive ingredients as the Yorkshire pudding was traditionally served first..

As a Yorkshire lass I can say that my mum makes the best Yorkshire puddings in the world, forget the fancy chefs at Vanilla, Betty Pickles makes puddings to die for. We do indeed have huge Yorkie Puds as a starter at home with lashing and lashings of gravy. If you are ever passing Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales ( Nora Batty land !) you should look up Betty and I am sure she will be delighted to knock up a few puddings for you.

Have a good week , enjoy the puds and speak soon

Sally and the team



Monday 31st January 2011

Haunted Wedding Venues and Betty's Yorkshire puds !  Image