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Facing the World - Our New Charity for 2012

April sees the start of a new financial year for Vanilla, why I am informing you of such a mundane event you may ask ?  Well the reason is a New Year means a new charity. Those of you who follow us will know that each year we pick a charity to donate to. We tend to swap between National charities and local Hampshire based charities.  So we say Goodbye to our local charity the Ellen Maccarthur Cancer Trust.

For every guest our lovely bride and grooms or corporate clients invited to their wedding or party, Vanilla donated 20p to the trust. We have three weddings this Saturday so one last payment to the trust. It has been fantastic to help out with this local charity and we hope that the money has helped a little and we will continue to support the trust in other ways.

We are pleased to announce that Our Charity for 2012 is a National charity called Facing the world  Facing the World is a British registered charity that provides reconstructive surgery to children from the developing world with extremely severe facial disfigurements. Founded in 2002 by two UK craniofacial surgeons, their mission is to help those children for whom surgery can be life-changing and who because of limited local skills, medical infrastructure and finance have no other hope of treatment. 

Each and every one of their patients are remarkable. For most of the children, their disfigurements and tumours are causing severe medical problems that necessitate surgery. Others suffer from severe social prejudice and are excluded from school, from making friends, or from finding employment later in life. Some are even physically abused. With donors' help, Facing the World have been able to offer them the surgery and support that they need to begin the lives they deserve.

While the medical team donate their services, funds are always needed to cover hospital, travel, accommodation and other practical costs.

Everybody deserves the right to be able to smile, some of these children are so disfigured they will never have the opportunity to do this, facing the world is making inroads in helping these children. please visit their website for full details of the amazing work they do.

For every guest you invite to your wedding or party from 1 April 2012 we will donate 20p to the charity, the more guests you invite the more chance these children will have to smile.

Monday 26th March 2012

Facing the World - Our New Charity  for 2012  Image